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A little boy falls asleep to a horrible nightmare. Can you make him happy again?

- Brand new psychedelic horror adventure from the creators of Botanicula and CHUCHEL
- Endure and escape three unforgettable nightmares
- Solve deeply disturbing puzzles in (not so) charming environments
- Deal with suspicious smiley faces and pink bunnies
- Creepy songs and screeches from the Czech freak-folk band DVA


Get this game and 1 more for $16.00 USD
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Buy Now$13.13 USD or more

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Absolutely Amazing game, I really love the art style of the game and the puzzles all felt unique. The game is so creative on its levels it is surprising how detailed the game is. It is really worth the play.

Hey I think this game is really cool and unique! I would love if you participated in my Game Jam.


the music matches beautifully 




why did you play a horror game if it scared you then

Time for the happiness test! Let's show these screenshots to a 4 year old and see what they think!

...They're scared of circles now...

Jokes aside, this looks really cool.

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Very happy  and relaxing game, really recommend it to anyone, nothing bad happens in it. Come and check it out!!



this is a very happy game!

Loved it


Here's a message from MCAHorror

"I loved this game, it has the elements of scaring me the ffffff out! Anyway, here is my gameplay of the Happy Game.(Hoping to make a part 2.)"

...this might be the most cursed game ever made. In my opinion this is setting some bars in horror, I am amazed at the art and really the entire thing. Thank you

Full Playthrough No Commentary 


Here's the last nightmare and the ending! Holy bananas, that was truly horrific in the best way. Loved it!

This game is creepy...and amazing. I'm loving it so far!

Is the version android??




Awww what a nice- 



Its not AHHHHHHH its


your game is just amazing




Great game

Looks great!

Very good, oddly creepy. Can't wait to finish it. Keep up the good work.

never played a game like this

quizás uno de los juegos más perturbadores del año, sin duda alguna estaba muy ansioso para poder jugar esta joya... y me quede muy satisfecho con el gameplay, la música y sobre todo la espeluznante estética del mismo. 

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Apres avoir fait la demo,ce qui est sur c'est que je vais l'acheter! 

Ce jeu a l'air mignon mais est au fond diabolique...

Can it run on Linux Ubuntu? * hopes *


Amanita, the best artistic 2D games creators of the world ever!

They are become references and models for much other creators since, because they are pioneers and genius !

They made me very happy with all their cute, originals, unique and fantastic games in this universe (so much dark sometimes)!

Thks very much to them, for all their artistic works and salutary contribution since many years.



Congratulations on the release! Can't wait to play now. :)

Please do and let us know whether it works on Linux.

Runs via Proton or Wine/DXVK out of the box.

At the devs: Since the game uses Unity, a native port should be not such a big problem. If you want to give it a try, and you need testers/bughunters for that, I'm sure I'm not the only one willing to help. ;)

Thanks for testing Hatnix. I would prefer a native build and would be up for testing as well.


Nice game, very happy game


Happy game makes me HAPPY