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Explore the beginnings of the Samorost series in the space gnome’s original bite-sized adventure, formerly released in 2003. Now with remastered sounds, enhanced graphics, and new music by Floex.


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Samorost1_Win_1.12.zip 55 MB
Samorost1_Mac_1.12.zip 64 MB


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perfect!!!!!!!! i love the sound effects and the interactive animations

i grew up w this game & almost cried to see its been remastered. thank you so much <3

soup pog

The way the sheep sing 🐑𝒘𝒊𝒛𝒂, it sounds like it was taken from a pop song, I love it

Very Cool!

Well, i saw it on CHPlay and played it. Graphics of the game are so great, sfx and idea too. :)

one of the best ever : amanita the best

Oh my god..

Short and sweet. I absolutely adore this game's art style. <3


This is cool! Never played it as a kid or anything, just thought it looked cool, turns out it is cool too!


Simple,interesting,LOVE the art style!

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An early classic from the awesome artists called Amanita. 

I remember so well when I first saw it not long after its release, as it was forwarded to me by a friend who never played games but sang its praises. Really changed my perceptions about what a video game could be and is an aesthetic inspiration for my own game (which is a platformer rather than a point’n’click)

Amanita continue to delight me with their stuff.

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this is demo 


Played this when I was like 4 years old, wow.


Sick !

I like point & click games and this game is nice and short. I am even trying to speedrun it, but there is one thing, that is irritating me. When I am not getting a good time I want to start over, but when I am trying to close the game and launching it again, the game continues from the part I stopped playing at. I also tried to see if there are any key that can reset a game, but there are none.


This is a certified childhood classic

how do I download this? it's not an exe file and I'm unsure how to do it differently. help!


It's a zip file, which is kind of like a folder. Open it and pull out the folder inside it onto your desktop. Then you should find the EXE inside that!

how can i play i'm not a computer freak so i don't know how to do this i downloaded the files but how do i play

You just run the exe file 


Short n sweet. Liked it a lot. Maybe in the future you could make more free games???


If you like an artist's work, support them. I'ts the least you can do.

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Chill. It was just a suggestion because I'm broke as a joke.

Why can’t we claim this since it’s free? I’m not at my pc so I can’t download it now and I’ll probaby forget to get it later

Just make a collection and put it on there. 

Wow, I used to play this game when I was a little kid and was looking for it and I've finally found it! Thanks for making it free.

Naprostá bomba.  Všem doporučuji! 5/5stars.
Doufám že se mi také mojí hru podaří takto posunout. Hodně úspěchu přeji!

I can not believe i only found out about this game now.

the art style is amazing and draw you in immediately, such a unique experience and i cant wait to try the other games in the series



damn I remember this game from lots of years ago, when I was a child on 2009. I'm glad to finally find it 

This was an absolute delight to play! Surreal, silly, and at times mind bending. The art style is superb and the music/audio fit perfectly. I have nothing bad to say about this at all. 

i love this please like a sub it helps a lot

Much respect Devs, an absolute change of mind experience...


Amazing game. Short and sweet. No wonder people still remember it fondly even after 20 years. I'm glad that it's back for new people like me to enjoy.

Does anyone know how they did the graphics? I can't quite get if they are made of real photos or something else.

mostly photos from a forest

This game is kinda awesome. I had no idea these existed but I am glad I found the remaster here! Love to have you check out my video! Had a lot of fun making it :D 


Crazy to think I played this almost 20 years ago and still remember all of it so clearly. This was really inspired work. Very happy to see it remastered and I hope it finds lots of new players.

This was the last game I played on the day Flash was disabled, I'm so glad to see that it gets to live on here and even got a remaster!

great game

I've been looking for this game since I was 12. I'm overjoyed that I can now finally finish it.

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I think you have the wrong video on the wrong game

Deleted 127 days ago

oh my gosh I didn’t even realize I posted the wrong gameplay link here.. I’ll delete it immediately thank you for alerting me! and sorry for my negligence. 

 I'm sorry that I replied angrilly, I had a bad mood . Be catious about that in the future. Thanks that you replied.

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It is thank for this game, that I started to produce videos games, ten years ago !! Thank a lot !!

This is like seeing a friend you had lost years ago. Thank you so much for this remaster, this game is unique.

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