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5 Minutes into the game and it's worth the 5$, for sure! 

This was so lovely!! I love all the voices and sounds. Lots of warm funny moments. Feels like playing a storybook :)

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I’ve played this on Apple Arcade, and it was stunning.

I’ve left a review on the AppStore.

For anyone wanting to get this, I’d recommend you do so, the artwork and gameplay is incredible.  I got about about 2-3 hours gameplay, but the replayability potential of this game is huge, theres many different ways you can go about the game each having a differrent result and a card collected and an achievement. And theres several different endings.

I'd reccomend paying attention for the beginning of the game though, when they have that intro. I overlooked it but it does give a few hints about the game.


Hello developers !

I really love your game, but I don't have the money to buy your game on Steam, can you help me ? Please, thanks

I love this game and the granny ^_^


Pretty good game, loved the art style

Trying to play version 13 on windows and getting stuck in this screen: (just after the beginning)

I'm having the same problem

Me too.

I am using Windows 7 and also version13 of Pilgrims.

:_  ( 

Help please <3


Beautiful art.

Deleted 2 years ago

Please contact support.


Will the soundtrack be availabe? Floex is awesome :D


We are planning small EP as a free bonus in several weeks.


Can you also make it available to buy separately?

The GOG version will have that bonus too?

In that EP will it include every track? They were all so good, it would be shame to miss out some.

any news concerning this EP? :)


The Mac version is just an empty zip file?


Sorry, that was a mistake, now it is fixed. Please re-download.