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Thanks for adding the Linux version! Just bought it, any chance the Linux version will be workable via Steam soon?

I have not played it yet, however I was waiting since Samorost 3 (2016) for another game from you, and I hope it wasn't for nothing. I love your games, they inspired me to get into gamedev. Thank you.


Y'ever just open a game and immediately have a spiritual awakening from deep inside your person?

I'm loving this game, but I am stuck on what I think is a bug (Mac OS).  Scene 28 - I cannot move the lamp.  I've watched some youtube walkthroughs, and everyone just walks in and moves the lamp.  It won't move for me.  Is this linked to some earlier achievement or painting?

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This reminds me "Machinarium" at the first glance.

Edit: I just noticed the developer name - Amanita Design 😅

they sure are legends. aren't they?


This looks awesome


True piece of art


интересная концепция


Looks good.